The new Bring Me the Horizon song had an informal premiere at Malta Weekender festival last week

Bring Me the Horizon have surprised their audience with a brand new song ‘Strangers’ while hosting Malta Weekender festival last Thursday, May 26.

There hasn’t been an official live debut of the song yet, but the band’s frontman Oli Sykes was in the mood and decided to play ‘Strangers’ during their DJ set at the festival. He even got the crowd to sing along to its chorus.

“We really wanted a new song to play you before but we didn’t quite get the video in time, so we’re not going to play you a new song …. tomorrow. But if you guys really want to hear a new song right now … we’ll do it,” said Sykes.

BTMH singer couldn’t believe so many rock-minded people showed up in scorching hot Malta for their fest set. He joked: “Why in the hell would a bunch of goths come to Malta at the end of May? It makes no f–ing sense.”

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Talking about the song, Sykes added: “Right now, we’re all a room full of strangers. We don’t know each other and it don’t f–ing matter cause we’re all here for the same f–ing reason, right?”

During the DJ set he went on to teach the audience three chorus lines:
We're just a room full of strangers
Looking for something to save us
Alone together.

Check out the live video footage from the set below:

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