The new track comes with a music video, showing pals “enjoy the ride”

Horror Dance Squad carry on pushing music boundaries. This time, uniting forces with famous Estonian rapper Genka (Henry Kõrvits) to bring about the most natural blend of metalcore, punk and hip-hop in a new single ‘Wear The Crown’.

The fresh headbanger comes just a bit over over a year after the release of their album No Flag Will Fly Forever. With a tat of somber Nordic perspective, the band goes from stating nothing lasts forever to philosophical reflection on getting older. But getting older only to get better and still “lead the crowd”.

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The opening lines go:

No we ain’t kids no more
That ship has left the shore
But we ain’t settling for boring
No we’re never done exploring.

The self-analyzing musicians of Horror Dance Squad look back at what’s been done and achieved and underline the best is yet to come:

We may be older now
But we still lead the crowd
Singing our lungs out

One of the vocalists, Karl Mesipuu, says the lyrics of ‘Wear The Crown’ describe their current situation perfectly:

“Sure, nothing lasts forever, but with Horror Dance Squad we are still on our way up, still growing as a band. We’re nowhere near our peak yet and we are definitely still enjoying this ride.

His bandmate, vocalist Ian Karell, agrees that despite having played in various bands for more than twenty years, they keep on challenging themselves more than ever:

“We want to show our fans, and our critics, that we are nowhere near done pushing ourselves to be the very best we can be, to challenge our creativity and continue producing music that keeps us all on our toes”.

The choice of legendary Estonian rapper Genka wasn’t random. “We wanted to work with Genka because he is simply a legend in the scene and his legacy represents exactly what “Wear The Crown” is all about”, the band says. “He’s been at it for some time and is still showing us how it’s done.”

The fierce track is accompanied by a new music video, directed by Martin Lauri and the band’s own Henri Kuusk and Karl Mesipuu. Watch ‘Wear The Crown’ below and let us know what you think of this collaboration. Did you “enjoy the ride” with Horror Dance Squad?

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