‘Disillusioned’ is a sophisticated, progressive 6-minute track with variety of melodic layers

January 3, 2018

All food is eaten, all drinks are finished and you’re craving for music to kick off your 2018? Just in time A Perfect Circle dropped a new track, ‘Disillusioned’, right on the first day of the year. The band started teasing the new song on New Year’s Eve and planned to share it on Tuesday, January 2, but decided to release the very next day, Louwdire reports. Listen to the new track below.

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The band will surprise you (again!) with this intricate, multi-faceted offering, which takes us back to their roots. As the song progresses, one melodic tier changes the other, urging the listener to listen closely to every little part. Interestingly, this time piano parts steal the limelight from the guitar, which fetches out Keenan’s whispery voice to the forefront.

Despite the gloomy name ‘Disillusioned’ and lines such as “We have been overrun by our animal desire… obedient and unaware”, the track is not a depressing one: it conveys a lyrical, philophical yet life-asserting vibe, especially closer to the end of the song.

‘Disillusioned’ is featured on A Perfect Circle’s upcoming album. Besides the option to get a download of the track right away, the band has scheduled a release of a limited 10″ single, containing ‘Disillusioned’ and their 2017′ song ‘The Doomed’. It is due March 9 and can be pre-ordered right now.

Don’t miss A Perfect Circle on tour in 2018, as the band has locked up several festivals and a European tour in June and July.

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