BLACK VEIL BRIDES Andy Biersack’s home robbed – new details of burglary

Black Veil Brides Andy Biersack Andy Black

At the time of the burglary Andy Biersack and his wife were sleeping in the residence

May 30, 2018

Black Veil Brides singer Andy Biersack had a scary experience this past weekend. While he and his wife, Juliet Simms, were quietly sleeping at home, a burglar broke in and stole “nearly all” of Black Veil Brides memorabilia and costumes. Biersack’s car trunk was also broken into.

“We had a break in last night around 1 am,” the singer wrote on Twitter on Saturday, May 26. “The thief took years worth of BVB memorabilia including my STWOF stage outfits, countless things i have collected and hoped to share with my family one day.” Biersack also included a picture of the robber taken by a security camera.

Biersack thanked his fans for being supportive after hearing about the robbery. “The items the thief took are just material things and while they have nostalgic significance to me, at the end of the day the safety of my family is all that matters. Also for what it’s worth I do not wish the person who did this any ill will, I just hope that they can come to understand the massive privacy violation they have put us through and I hope that my memories and personal effects that were stolen end up in the right hands one day.”

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The BVB frontman and his wife hadn’t even heard the burglar enter or walk around the residence. It was the following day that a neighbour told him that there was a suspicious stranger nearby.

“He did not take anything else, in watching the security tape footage he was very specific in what he wanted and why he was there. He had 2 bags and filled them with jackets, pants, gloves, tour laminates, LPs etc,” Biersack added. “We were asleep when the robbery itself went down/never heard anything. He was quick & efficient. He picked the lock to our gate outside & wore gardening gloves, i guess to not leave finger prints. It all sucks but again, I’d gladly lose all my stuff as long as my family is safe.”

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