Tweet of the Day – Fan Orders Bank Card with My Chemical Romance’s Album Artwork


Today, on the 14th anniversary of MCR’s debut record, their Russian fan has ordered a creative bank card

July 23, 2016

As a rule, we don’t include musician’s RTs of their fans’ posts, but this one, retweeted by Frank Iero a few hours ago, deserves to be given the title Tweet of the Day by all means.

Former My Chemical Romance rhythm guitarist has retweeted a girl from St.Petersburg, Russia who ordered herself a bank card from the state bank Sberbank with a unique design – the artwork of the band’s debut album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love.

Today is the album’s 14th “birthday”: though it’s hard to believe, the record came out in 2002 on this exact day.

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Alterock-mcrx-my_chemical_romance_reunionAs soon as Frank Iero retweeted the picture of the exclusively designed bank card, tons of replies started flowing in – all MCR fans seems to be craving for the same MCR artwork bank cards. Hey, sounds like the band could actually make a proposition to bank and easily cash-in on this off-the-beaten-track idea.

It seems especially timely as MCR recently updated their logo in social media and announced their plan to re-release another album, The Black Parade, in the light of the upcoming 10th anniversary of the record.

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