Destiny Malta X-Factor Eurovision

Eurovision 2021: Here are Top 5 facts about Top 3 odds-winner Destiny (Malta)

Day 16, and here is our Whitney Houston of Malta, the outstanding Destiny. She's been #1 in Eurovision betting...
Go_A Ukraine band Eurovision

Eurovision 2021: Top 5 facts you need to know about Go_A (Ukraine)

Day 15, and here is what you probably didn't know about the band Go_A, representing Ukraine this year with a folk/electronic track...
Efendi Azerbaijan promo

Eurovision 2021: Fun facts about Efendi, the Mata Hari of Azerbaijan

Get to know Efendi (Azerbaijan), #14 artist of Semi-final 1 of Eurovision Day 14, and it's getting HOT. Who...
ROXEN Wonderland music video Romania

Eurovision 2021: 5 facts about the one and only ROXEN (Romania)

Too Billie Eilish? Too Dua Lipa? Well, check out our 5 fun facts below and find out it's ROXEN's own signature style!
Eden Alene Israel Eurovision 2021

Eurovision 2021: Eden Alene (Israel) is one touch cookie

Gorgeous Eden Alene will represent Israel with her upbeat song 'Set Me Free'. But don't let this girl's young and fragile looks...
Hooverphonic Belgium.

Eurovision 2021: Most interesting facts about Hooverphonic (Belgium)

Hooverphonic is going to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2021 with the song “The Wrong Place”. However, those of...
Albina Croatia Eurovision 2021

Eurovision 2021: Everything you must know about Albina (Croatia)

Check out our five fun facts about Croatia's gorgeous Albina Day 10 of 39 and the clocks to Eurovision...
TIX Fallen Angel

Eurovision 2021: All you need to know about TIX (Norway)

Day 9 of 39, and following "el diablo" comes the "Fallen Angel" of TIX from cold Norway. These...
Elena Tsagrinou Cyprus

Eurovision 2021: 5 awesome facts about Elena Tsagrinou (Cyprus)

Day 8: Did you know Elena Tsagrinou has worked with the producing team of Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull?
Lesley Roy Ireland Eurovision 2021

Eurovision 2021: interesting facts about Lesley Roy (Ireland)

It's Day 7, and #7 in the running order is Lesley Roy (Ireland), who will be singing 'Maps' at Eurovision 2021
Vasil represents North Macedonia at Eurovision

Eurovision 2021: What you need to know about Vasil (North Macedonia)

Vasil will sing the ballad "Here I stand" on Rotterdam Ahoj stage. On the plate of Day 6...
Montaigne Australia Eurovision 2021

Eurovision 2021: All you need to know about Montaigne (Australia)

Day 5 and here is Montaigne to represent Australia at Eurovision 2021 with her song “Technicolour”. What didn't you know about her?
Tusse Sweden Voices

Eurovision 2021: Let’s find out everything about Tusse (Sweden)

Sweden's Tusse addresses the whole world with powerful "Voices" Day 4 and we are ready to introduce you contestant...
Manizha Russia Eurovision - Манижа Россия Евровидение

Eurovision 2021: 5 fun facts about Manizha (Russia)

Day 3 and who's in the spotlight? Today it's Russia's choice, Manizha! Manizha is going to belt 'Russian...
Ana Soklič Slovenia Eurovision 2021

Eurovision 2021: Get to know Ana Soklič (SLOVENIA)

Day 2 and we are revealing some fun facts about Slovenia's Ana Soklič, who's brining 'Amen' to Rotterdam stage
The Roop Lithuania 2021

Eurovision 2021: 5 Fun Facts about The Roop (Lithuania)

Day 1 of 39 left and we are revealing the secrets about the 1st artist in the running order - Lithuania's THE...

15 Интересных фактов о Брендоне Ури (Panic! At The Disco)

Думаешь, ты знаешь всё о фронтмене Panic! At The Disco, харизматичном Брендоне Ури? Проверь это посмотрев наши...
Kristofer Dommin studio dommin

Kristofer Dommin plays AlteRock’s interview game: «Tricky personal questions»

Our section “Tricky questions” will reveal what Dommin frontman's best childhood memory is, what kind of people piss him off the most,...
Matt Healy The 1975

20 fun facts about Matt Healy (The 1975)

We say The 1975 and imply Matt Healy. We say Matt Healy and imply The 1975. Here are 20 interesting facts...
yungblud wallpaper

20 Interesting Facts about YUNGBLUD

This charismatic, hyperactive young man, jumping all over, screaming at the top of his lungs and making faces at the camera...